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The cliche souvenir is usually some form of mass produced item that people buy as a memento of their trip. Some examples of cliche souvenirs are T-shirts, mugs, postcards, magnets and key chains.

Besides these, there are many other cliches and even more non-cliches to choose from. From a snake wine in Asia to a stuffed toad in Australia, there are plenty of weird and wonderful things to take home from your travels.

A memento that will help you remember your trip for years to come?

The best mementos are usually ones that you will not regret displaying in your home for the long haul. They are also a great way to share your experiences with others who may be planning to visit the same destination.

Another great memento is something that has been created specifically for you by the locals. If you are a traveler who enjoys supporting the local economy, then look no further than a gift from the locals!

For instance, a custom made beret may not be as cliche as it sounds. This knitted wool hat is often associated with French artists and is a great memento to bring back from your Parisian adventures.

The most memorable memento is probably a handcrafted item that is unique to the recipient, or at least one that no one else in your circle will have.

There are many other cliches to choose from, such as an Eiffel Tower souvenir or an Eiffel Tower tour