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A walk in closet is a great space to keep your clothes and shoes organized. A few great ways to make the most of this room are to have multiple storage options, have a variety of colors and textures in your closet and include plenty of mirrors.

Closets can be made to look incredibly luxurious by adding some unique accents and decorative pieces. You may want to add some framed photos or books to your shelves, display some dried florals in a basket, or even build in an island for extra storage space.

You may also want to use some pretty jars or a tray for your jewelry and makeup. This will make it easy to find and put on these items when you need them. A bench or stool can also be tucked under your vanity to give you a place to stand while you decide what to wear.

Choosing the right shelving can be a challenge, but if you do it well it can really help you to get more organized in your closet. Wire shelves are usually the best choice for smaller closets, but wood shelves will also look great in a larger space.

Shelves can be made of wood, plastic, metal or wire depending on your style preferences and budget. You can also choose to have a wood floor or carpet in your walk-in closet to match the rest of the space.

A great way to make a walk in closet feel luxurious is by using some beautiful wallpaper or flooring that has a unique pattern. This will give your closet a sense of opulence and luxury, especially when you have a gorgeous chandelier overhead.

You can also use a beautiful rug in your walk in closet, it will soften up the space and provide a nice place to stand while you pick out an outfit. Just be sure to choose one that coordinates with the color of your clothes and the design of your walk in closet.

Accessories like jewelry, hats and purses can be displayed on shelves to add interest and decor to your walk in closet. Alternatively, you can place them in drawers where they will be out of the way and accessible when you need them.

For a more formal closet, you might want to consider going with a white palette with chrome hardware and cool shelving for a sleek, sophisticated feel. If you want to add some warmth to your closet, you can opt for a natural wood floor or add a window to the area.

In a double walk in closet, it is ideal to divide the space so each person can have their own side. This will allow you to keep your items organized without having to share with your partner.

If you have a large family, it is also a good idea to create a walk in closet for each member of the family so that each can have their own place to store and organize their belongings. This will save time and effort while keeping your closet organized.