Posted on: February 17, 2023 Posted by: Paul Lopez Comments: 0

Whether you’re a seasoned adventure gamer or just starting out, there are plenty of great online Action-Adventure games to choose from. But how do you know which one is right for you?

Action-Adventure games are a popular genre that encompasses many different styles and gameplay mechanics. They are often designed with a variety of challenges and obstacles that require a high degree of reflexes, hand-eye coordination and skill.

These games can be challenging, but they also have a high replay value as well as the ability to unlock new items and abilities along the way. There are many great games in this category, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorites to get you started!

1. The Wind Waker

A classic in the Zelda series, The Wind Waker is a fantastic action-adventure game for beginners. It’s a game that features a large, open world to explore with an engaging storyline and lots of interesting enemies to fight.

2. Psychonauts 2

This PS4/5 game combines platforming and action to create a very unique gaming experience. It also takes place in a fantasy environment that is filled with mystery, intrigue and plenty of secrets to discover!

3. The Plague Tale: Innocence

Set during the Hundred Years’ War, The Plague Tale: Innocence is a first-person stealth adventure where you play as 15-year-old Amicia de Rune. She’s on a mission to find her missing brother while avoiding French soldiers and infected rats.

4. Path of Exile

If you’re a fan of Action RPGs, then you should definitely check out Path of Exile. It’s a dark fantasy world filled with a variety of enemies and has a strong emphasis on visceral combat and deep character customisation.

5. BioShock: The Complete Collection

Combining first-person shooting and stealth, BioShock is an unforgettable action-adventure that takes place in a mysterious underwater city. You’ll have to use all of your skills to get out alive, but the experience is one that you won’t forget anytime soon.

6. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Although many people have divisive opinions about the original Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker is a very good game that is a must-play for any action-adventure fan. It’s a great entry point for those who have never played any of the series, and is an excellent place to start if you want to explore some of the most iconic locations in the entire franchise.

7. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

The Sly Cooper series is another series that newcomers should definitely check out. It’s an action-adventure series that has been around for decades and is easy to pick up and play, especially on the PlayStation.

8. Katamari Damacy

The Katamari Damacy series is a series of 3D action-adventure games that have been around for over 20 years and have a strong following among gamers. The games in this series are fun to play, with plenty of collectibles to find and weapons to purchase.