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Giving Postcards as Gifts is a thoughtful way to make your friends and family feel special this holiday season. Whether they’re a new homeowner or just need a little pick-me-up, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face.

A Gift Card for a Store They Love

If you’re looking for a truly thoughtful gift, look no further than a gift card for your favorite retailer. The recipient can use their money to shop for anything they like from clothes and accessories to home decor and kitchen essentials. Plus, there are plenty of great sales and discounts that will help them get even more value from their cards.

A Gift Card for a High-Quality Retailer

If the person you’re shopping for is someone who loves to shop for quality items, a gift card for a brand like Anthropologie or BHLDN will be appreciated. The giftee can use their card to buy gorgeous clothing, stunning jewelry and other accessories. They can also use it for their dream wedding attire or even to snag a dress or an accessory for their bachelorette party.

A Gift Card for a Business They Love

If your recipient is an entrepreneur or just loves to support local businesses, a gift card to their favorite local business will make them happy this holiday season. It’s an easy and effective way to spread your goodwill, as they can use their money to help the people in their community.

A Gift Card for a Lifelong Learner

If the friend or family member you’re buying for has a passion for learning and wants to continue advancing their skills, a MasterClass subscription is a great way to show them how much you care. It also makes them feel empowered as they progress and grow their knowledge.

A Gift Card for a Spectacular New Home

If you’re a new homeowner and want to give your friends or family a little help making their new place their own, a gift card for a home-improvement retailer is a great option. It’s an affordable and fun way to get them the things they need to make their house a home, from furniture and appliances to home decor and a guest bathroom hand towel.

A Gift Card for a Utilitarian Favorite Company

If your favorite person has a strong sense of practical taste and isn’t one to overspend on things they don’t need, gifting them a gift card for their favorite utilitarian favorite store can be the perfect present this holiday season. Whether it’s a gift card for Amazon, Home Depot or another favorite online home-improvement retailer, they’ll be thankful for your generosity and appreciate that you’re thinking of them in this way.

A Gift Card for a Company They Love

A gift card to their favorite business is a perfect way to help the people in their community while earning yourself some extra income. It’s a great way to build loyalty, gain customers and increase your bottom line as a business owner.